The following is a brief article written by George Miller on his Roto-Finish project. Below this article is the photo gallery.


I have always wanted to build this aircraft ever since I saw it race at the Reno Air Races in 1972. It was the most exciting race I ever saw there. The first extensively modified Mustang and the aircraft that beat the #1 Bearcat flown by Deryl Grenemyer to first place for so many years.

This Mustang # N7715C was around Reno for many years and was seen in 5 different schemes, the final one being the famous "Red Baron".

If you have read my other article about "My Lady" P-51 Mustang, you see how I have modified a Top Flite Mustang kit by making a glass fuselage. To do this one, I just modified the plug to the shape of Roto-Finsh by re-doing the top of the fuselage and adding the large fillets.

On this one I designed a set of scale retracts and had them made to order. They have a free drop of 1/2" so they will extend when the aircraft leaves the ground so the gear will be long enough that the wheels will be in the right position for the operating doors. And I also polished them for scale. I used a Troy Built tail wheel unit for the retracting tail wheel.

The wing and tail feathers are from a Top Flite kit. The horizontal tail is clipped and the wing is also clipped and given Horner tips. The spinner is a Dave Brown Ultimate 4" instead of the standard Mustang spinner.

All control surfaces including the flaps are scale hinged. I used aileron strip controls for the flaps to place the action inside the wing with the servo where they call for the aileron servo. Two servos in the wing for the ailerons.

Vacuum formed my own canopy, and engineered the function of the inner and outer doors for the mains and the tail wheel doors.

This aircraft is using a Rim Fire 1.20 outrunner, 90 amp Castle ESC, Castle BEC and 6000 mah 6-cell battery.

Once construction was all finished, I glassed all wood with 1/2 ounce glass cloth and 15 min epoxy and finished up painting it with PPG automotive paint. I then applied the decals I get from "Bedlam Creations" and finished it off with a coat of PPG automotive clear.

I think this is absolutely the finest looking modified Mustang there ever was or will be. The lines are just beautiful.

Hope you like it.

George Miller

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